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Welcome to my blog. Growing up in a small town in Carolina while going to high school, I was interested in food and cooking. One of my extra classes was a cooking class. I use to watch my grandmother cook all the time with the rest of my family especially on holidays.

My Story

Being in the military I traveled around the world. I came accustomed to and tasting different foods. I never actually had any time to enjoy cooking for myself. So my thought process was to work and support the family as my spouse did most of the cooking. 

Then suddenly my ex started to work more, therefore, I was doing most of the preparations for the meals. At this time I grew to like cooking again and enjoyed it. My kids enjoyed it as well as my family members. 

We all enjoy being around family, having conversations, and eating which normally happens in the kitchen area, dining area, or in the backyard with the barbecue. Life is in the kitchen.